About Us

"The Fallout community is a unique one, filled with creative individuals and passionate roleplayers. Chief among the traits that represent this community is caring for others. This cause brings us together to do just that."


We've all shared a story. It always starts at the end. There's a Vault Dweller or a Chosen One, a Lone Wanderer or a Courier, the Sole Survivor or Resident. There's always a broken road and choices to be made, and it is through those choices that we shape the world. We remember that world in as real a way as the memories we create in our own.

In 2020 for the first time, generations of gamers from all over the world started something new, a global initiative that brought Fallout Streamers, Creators, Community Leaders, and even those who make the games we love together. It was the small seed of an idea that in a year defined by fear and darkness when we found ourselves afraid and powerless and everyone, all of us experienced that together on every country on Earth. What if we ended that awful year by helping others? To be the voice and hope for the children of the world just fighting to live. To offer some comfort to mothers and fathers who in the deepest parts of themselves, while hanging on to hope by a thread, worried about how they could afford to keep their child alive.

It is struggle that defines us, because when things are the darkest we have a choice to stay there or climb out, a climb made easier with many hands reaching out to lift you up. Fallout For Hope was born to do just that, to offer hope and relief for children and their families at a time of year when loss is felt and help keenly needed.

From the most well-known name in the community to new streamers we play every Fallout game, on every console, on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. As one Fallout family we will be playing to bring hope to children who instead of being home for the holidays will be fighting just to live.

Fallout For Hope. We hope you’ll join us.

Kenneth Vigue

Founder and Organizer

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Our Volunteers

Kenneth Vigue

Founder and Organizer of Fallout For Hope. Showrunner of CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story podcast.

Brett Barrow

Events Consultant who brings years of experience in convention management & event planning to the team.


Managing Director who brings years of experience in virtual resources & event planning to the team.

Kelly Danielle

Communications Director with vast experience managing social media for successful gaming teams and causes.