Charity Tee Challenge

Courtesy of St. Jude help us design charity tees!

Share your work on Twitter or Instagram with #F4Htober

Courtesy of St. Jude and Design By Humans, we are designing charity tees this year for Fallout For Hope with 100% of sales going to the cause and our goal!

Design a post-apocalyptic holiday scene the captures the spirit of giving (in one way or another) and have a change for your design to be featured! Share your design on Twitter or Instagram with #F4Htober to enter!

The designs will be printed and available to order in late November through the middle of December to help us nail this year's goal for St. Jude.!

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot use any copyrighted trademark elements such as the Vault Boy, the Vault-Tec logo or Fallout fonts in your original creation. Also because this is for the kids of St. Jude, please no weapons or violence in the imagery.