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#FalloutForHope St. Jude 2022

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Launch Date

Stream with us!

Do you stream on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook? Fallout For Hope brings together hundreds and hundreds of streamers all over the globe to support worthy charities such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We'd love you to join us!



Each year we partner directly with charitable organizations and Tiltify. Tiltify is the only safe and secure processor who works directly with organizations like St. Jude so your donation goes directly to the charity.


Sponsors Needed

Fallout For Hope is fueled by giveaways that help to build excitement in the fandom, drive donations and help get word out about our charity drives. In the past we've been supported by companies such as noblechairs with Fallout merchandise.

Sutton, WV
Saturday, Oct. 22nd
Meet at 2pm ET

The First of our 4 city meetups will be in Sutton, West Virginia! The Flatwoods Monster Museum is hosting Fallout fans! Explore cryptid lore in the heart of Appalachia. At 6pm join us for the optional "Asylum Ball" at the Trans Alleghany Insane Asylum just a short distance away! They'll have live music, prizes for costumes and more. Your host and onsite planner for this event: WanderingWastelander

Goodsprings, NV
Saturday, Oct. 22nd
Meet at 3:30pm PST

The second of our 4 city meetups will be in Goodsprings, Nevada! The Pioneer Saloon is hosting Fallout fans for the second time this year. Joins us at Goodsprings Cemetary, the opening of Fallout New Vegas for a march through town. Entertainment, prizes and drinks at the Pioneer Salon (21+). Your host and onsite planner for this event: Chip Monk.

Washington, DC
Sunday, Oct. 23rd
Meet at 1pm ET

For the VERY FIRST TIME we have been permitted courtesy of Five-0 Productions for up to 250 of us to assemble at the National Mall in Washington, DC and celebrate Fallout's 25 birthday! This will be a truly unique opportunity to return to the Capital Wasteland. Bethesda veteran voice actor Wes Johnson will be there for a meet and greet! The cosplay parade will begin at the Lincoln Memorial promptly at 1pm and we must disassemble by 3pm. Your hosts and onsite planners for this event: Five-0 Productions and Skald (Fallout Five-0).

Boston, MA
Sunday, Oct. 23rd
Meet at 11am ET

Join us in Boston for up to 100 of us to assemble in Boston Common and celebrate Fallout's 25 birthday! This will be a truly unique opportunity to return to the Commonwealth and explore the Freedom Trail together. Bethesda veteran voice actor Chris Ciulla will be there for a meet and greet who has voiced characters in Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76! The cosplay parade will begin at the Boston Common Freedom Trail Visitor Center promptly at 11am. Your hosts and onsite planners for this event: FyreWriter and Neunomer

St. Jude Benefit Fundraiser #FalloutForHope


This master schedule highlights just some of the over 300+ streams for October, November and December. Look for #FalloutForHope on Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube or check out Streamer Index below.

“...that act of goodness, that's ours. All the good we've done. That's ours and ours alone.”


We give help where it's needed most

Fallout For Hope is fueled by the support of hundreds of streamers, content creators, community leaders and donators who made meaningful change since it's inception in 2020.

In the Press

Some of the press articles about the work the Fallout community has done.

Polygon - Dec 2020

In March, the Fallout 76 community rallied around long-time roleplayer and community pillar CJ Martin. After a successful fundraiser to aid Martin and his family after a house fire, members of the Fallout 76 community have created a much larger effort to benefit St. Jude’s...

TheGamer - Dec 2020

December is the month when many communities look for one final, large, charitable effort to take part in. The gaming community is famously one of the most charitable groups out there, raising $3 million for St. Jude's through the Game Theory YouTube channel alone...

GNL Magazine - Dec 2020

The Fallout community is probably one of the nicest gaming communities within the gaming industry. And keeping that same energy, YouTuber Kenny who goes by CHAD: A Fallout 76 Podcast brought together over 250 Fallout content...

PCGamesN - Dec 2020

More than 300 Fallout streamers, content creators, and fans are rallying together to stream throughout the week to raise funds for children’s charity for St. Jude. They’ve been going for a few days now, and have already raised over $20,000. The entire effort comes under the...

GameRant - May 2021

Fallout For Hope is a charity event during which the Fallout 76 community comes together to raise money for important causes. A number of content creators host charity Twitch streams with different themes, some with tournaments and even giveaways, in the hopes of raising funds to help others...

PowerUP Gaming - May 2021

While the irradiated wastelands of Bethesda’s Fallout series are seldom fertile ground for teamwork, a collection of content creators are using the game to come together and forge something new. Fallout Community Stream Team is a collective effort from over forty creators who have...

Looking to Stream With Us?

Fallout For Hope is open to ANY streamer on any platform and on any preferred streaming platform. It doesn't matter if you have 5 followers or 50,000, this initiative is about what all of us can do together. We'd love to have you join us!

About The Fallout For Hope Initiative

The Fallout For Hope Initiative was born in 2020 after the Fallout Community mobilized to help individuals in the community struggling through tragedy and hardship. If we could help one person, what if a global community of Fallout gamers, streamers and content creators mobilized for one cause? Since it's inception Fallout For Hope has garnered the support of gamers all over the world for St. Jude and other worthy causes to make a difference in the world.

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One Community. One Voice. One Cause.